I hope to know how this relates to Twenty Pieces by the end of writing this article.  Right now, I just want to tell you a funny story.

So, when we were kids, my Mom used to write little riddles that would send us on hunts to find little treasures. I mostly associate this with Easter baskets, but I think she may have occasionally done this with birthday gifts or “first day of school” surprises.  It was the best! I just love the excitement and anticipation that comes with a riddle I have to figure out that I know, will most certainly lead me to something I will be even more excited about.

Last week, I was sitting in our department library with with about a half hour of free time, so I decided to hide a piece of candy in the library and text my brother with a riddle that would lead him to the prize.  For those of you who know where I work, you will especially get a kick out of this.

I’m bored in the Grove and what should I do
But make up a riddle just for you.

In the month after our cousin, you’ll find a surprise
With the name of a prince and a Ghost that is wise.

It might attract ants if you let it linger,
So hurry and find your… .

I just can’t stop being excited about these silly things.  My brother and I have now made it through three exchanges of riddle writing and I just can’t get enough! I am asking myself why I don’t do this everyday?

Aha! I do! That is what this Twenty Piece thing is.  I like it because I get to mine a mystery.  We created a riddle we don’t know the answer to.  I goes something like this.

Surrender your clothes, all but twenty                                                                  And you will find that you have plenty.

At times you will know, and at times you will doubt                                                    ‘Tis the glory of God to conceal a matter                                                                And the glory of kings to seek it out.