Twenty Pieces is a discipline of saying yes and saying no.  I am at this moment yet again.

Last night I was at my bi-weekly meeting of creative entrepreneurial women.  We call it The Live Group ( I occasionally call us the Livers because I think I’m so funny.) There are four of us in our group and we talk about everything from finances to dating to deep soul stuff.  A part of what we do for each other is help each other discern growth steps for our lives. It looks something like this.

Hi, I’m Julie, I have a scarcity mentality.

This shows up all over the stinkin’ place! As a result, I have developed skills of maximization that should have landed me my own reality show by now.  But it also lands me in places of feeling stuck, lonely, fearful, apprehensive, and insecure.  As I was sharing some of the specific ways this manifests in my life with my group, one of the members said, hey, I wonder if your discipline for the next week is to go out and buy yourself a dress.  I looked at her like, huh?  Haven’t you heard about this amazing blog called The Twenty Pieces Project.  Yeah yeah, I know, she said, but I wonder if the greater good would be you going out and buying a dress.  This came out of a desire to see my treat myself kindly and feel beautiful.  Really?  I thought I was doing Twenty Pieces to break the habit of seeing clothes as a means to feeling beautiful.  I am not convinced that the suggestion is the best course of action, but she asked me to sit with it, so I am, and I am going to do this with you all, the Twenty Piece readers.

Here are some details I am pondering.

1) I don’t believe the greatest good is my living outside the Twenty Piece commitment and ground rules.

2) I wrote an article a while back about all the stuff that’s falling apart.  There are at least two items I could justifiably replace.  It would be a risk to replace them with a dress as one of the items is a cardigan and the other is a maxi dress (you know the one I sometimes wear as pajamas? That one.)

3) I am tempted by wanting something new.  This makes me suspicious.

4) I am enticed my the season change and thinking it would be a great time to make any replacement purchases. We locked in on January 1, which is just about the worst time to make clothing choices given the kinds of clothes out and their non-sale prices.  Made me cringe!

5) I still have money, but don’t have money.  Like I said, in my last article, I broke even last month, but that happens about half the time.  I mostly dip into savings.  I get worried when I think about January, but I know that it is a sin to think about my bank account in January.

6) I think I am avoiding replacing because I am now so much more in-tune with quality and what works for me, I would not be content with a cheap dress.  That means that in replacing a piece, I am throwing down some significant cash that I might need in January!

7) Ugg, did I mention January?

Love to hear your thoughts.