Yep,  it has been a horribly long time since posting on this dear website of ours.  We are both swamped.  Our lives are crazy.  We only know this from the occasional email or missed google chat message we get from each other.  Here is a quick rundown of my life.

1) School started.  I teach 3 units this semester.  I am in the midst of solidifying schedules and figuring out when to do what.

2) I am doing some closet curating. It has been fun! I have one lined up where I can take pictures and share the process with you all. It has been really fun.  Investing in a $200 closet curating session could save you thousands in the long run! … and you will like your clothes better!

3) I watched The Hunger games.  This is getting it’s own number because I am forcing myself to humble myself from my elitist pedestal.  I mocked the books and the movies for years.  And now I have to say I… ugggg… liked it.  I hated the gore, HATED the violence, but it got me thinking and I may have a post coming soon on what we can learn about fashion from The Hunger Games. HINT: When we start looking inhuman, we might start acting inhumane.

4) I sold another painting! This one was a commission and at least one of the owners was really happy about it. I look forward to hearing how the other owner likes it.

5) I’m going to San Francisco in a few weeks.  I get to meet up with several of my dear friends.  I am slightly concerned about my Twenty Pieces being workable in the San Francisco weather.  I know it is cooler up there, but there is also wind and fog.

6) It looks like I am also going to Canada soon! I will be headed up to Vancouver, BC to start some preliminary work on a project that has been on the back burner for some time.  It seems to have suddenly moved to the front burner which is very exciting.

7) Today, I felt a bit depressed about being single.  I hadn’t felt that way in a few months, but today, it felt… lonely.

8) I broke even this month! This means that I am taking in as much money as I am spending.  This happened while “unemployed.”  I guess the truth is I am under employed most of the time.  I still work, quite hard actually, but mostly still in the sowing stage instead of the reaping stage.  I hope the reaping stage is coming soon.  I could really use that.  Want to help me out? Buy a closet curating session. I promise you won’t regret it!

9) A few days ago I realized that I have probably only worn 7 or 8 items of clothing all summer.  Crazy!

10) Dare I put this in print?  I am thinking about doing 13 items for 2013.  GASP! Did I just say that?