Last January, I had this vague idea to take a picture of my hair when I got to work everyday for a year, it order to get a feel for how it really looked everyday. I didn’t tell anyone because I was pretty much assured of failure, given my lack of commitment to such projects in the past, and sure enough, I’ve already lost interest.

But since we have a distinct lack of pictures of yourselves around here (if you’d all like to pitch in and get me a tripod, I’ll fix that right quick for ya), here’s some excerpts from Cate’s hair chronicles over the last six months. From my computer at my desk. Enjoy.

The most noticeable things about these pictures is that I don’t own any of those clothes anymore, except the black sweater in half the pictures, and the black v-neck. I’m thinking, lucky for you, this might become a regular feature, because if you can’t change your clothes, you might as well mess around with your hair, ammirite?